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Sentra Timur Superblock

Sentra Timur Superblock (Eng)

Sentra Timur Superblock is an integrated mixed  use property development, located in East Jakarta, with the potential to expand its development to 40 hectares. It is supported by an infrastructure that includes the Trans Jakarta bus route, Sentra Timur modern terminal and access to JORR (Jakarta Outer Ring Road) toll road. Sentra Timur is designed to become a new CBD in East Jakarta. Several projects being developed within the Sentra Timur Superblock include the following: Sentra Timur Residence & Commercial Park 1, 2 and 7.

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Sentra Timur Superblok (Ind)

Sentra Timur Superblok merupakan kawasan terpadu yang terletak di Jakarta Timur dengan luas potensi pengembangan seluas 40 Ha, serta didukung oleh infrastruktur koridor busway, terminal modern sentra timur dan akses pintu tol JORR. Kawasan sentra timur dipercaya akan menjadi a new CBD in east Jakarta. Beberapa proyek yang dikembangkan di kawasan Sentra Timur Superblok antara lain Sentra Timur Residence dan Commercial Park 1, 2 and 7.

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