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Kahuripan Nirwana (Sidoarjo)

Kahuripan Nirwana Residential in Sidoarjo, East Java is satellite city with 83 ha of development area from a total of±680 Haland in the masterplan.

The residential compound will consist of such facitilities as commercial areas, food plaza /hang out spot and public social facilities, as well as hotels, waterpark and mixed-use areas  are among its future projects.

Kahuripan Nirwana Residential is new satellite city development in province of Sidoarjo, East Java with the following prime characters :

  • A vast development area (currently at 83 ha of a total + 680 ha masterplan).
  • Complete compound public facilities (commercial area, food plaza, hangout spots, public facilities for social/religious purposes, future projects on hotel, waterpark and mixed-used areas).

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